Training for Responsible Employees

Responsible Employees are required to take the training on an annual basis.  Learn more about required training for Responsible Employees.

Request Training

To request training for your department, office, organization, or classroom, please submit a request form and someone will contact you to make arrangements. Depending on the nature of your request and intended audience, we will work with officials on your campus to meet your needs. Please be aware that your specific request may be modified depending on timing, availability, and other planned offerings on campus.

Tracking of Training

Information is collected on all employee training and education programming related to sexual misconduct, as well as all student programming related to sexual misconduct or drugs and alcohol.  The information gathered will be used for a number of purposes, including tracking, internal and public reporting (including the Annual Security Report), evaluation, and prevention programming.  If you are responsible for submitting this data, please fill out the appropriate form for each program:

If you have any questions regarding student programming or employee training, please email